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ID: HURO/0901/207/2.2.2

Short title: Környezetvizsg.

Project title: "Climate change and environmental impact of exploration and comparative analysis of regional water habitats"

Lead Partner: Regional Integration Homokkert Small Nonprofit Ltd. (Pile 6782, the first public festival)

Project Partners: Kris Rural Museum (Romania, Oradea 410464 cod B-dul Dacia 1-3.)

Project implementation time: 01.04.2011 to 30.09.2012

Project Budget:

         Lead Partner:      80 030, - EUR

         Project Partner:   34 920, - EUR

         Total:              114 950, - EUR

Nowadays, more and more natural habitats vulnerable to human impacts and shaping the landscape of the negative consequences of climate change. The most vulnerable areas include wetlands, which have a slight anthropogenic effects can lead to significant and rapid change.

Although the Carpathian Basin is characterized by a high degree of mosaicism, the territory borders without consideration shall be treated as a single system. This is allowed by the EU-funded 'Hungary - Romania Cross-border Co-operation Programme'. In this program, the 'exploration of the impact of climate change on regional and comparative analysis of wetlands' c. project (HURO/0901/207/2.2.2) under two different local environmental endowments wetland assessment is carried out. The two plots in Mórahalom Nagyszeksos Lake salt lake, near Oradea and the Romanian Episcopate karst spring lake of Hévíz Spa. Unlike Bishop of Bath Nagyszeksos Lake is a little affected by anthropogenic influences, "including in protected" area.

The project studies the status of the two wetlands, influenced by human impact and environmental dynamics analyzed. During the project, palaeoecological analyzes, soil and water chemistry measurements and geological studies were performed in the area. The field and laboratory data obtained on the basis of a comparative analysis of the possible parameters of the studied parameters to compile the maps and history of the development of the areas analyzed.

Our goal in both fields, following the detailed condition survey of the ecological potential of determining the extent of degradation assessment and the natural ecological functions of wetlands capable of performing or not. The time series of test results showed that during the period of the project, how have the different environmental parameters.

Using the results compiled in anticipation of the environment under which the Nagyszeksos Lake, the nature of the investment, the amount of the definition of sustainable land use concepts can be developed. Bishop of Bath, the results of investigations on possible investments in tourism development and sustainable operation.


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