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Service Plans - Border TV

The television in Hungary, as well as former state -run rest of the world by the end of the 80s . The channel reception area followed the country's borders, but very close to the border towns could receive national television in the neighboring country . The international television channels have with cable TV network in the country in the 90s . Initially, global content aired , that the same program all over the world , but later in response to the needs of viewers began to broadcast local content .

The first Hungarian cross -border exchange program of the International Vision was launched by the Hungarian Television in 1958 Czechoslovakia, Poland and the German Democratic Republic in attendance. In addition to the association of information exchange in major international events , science, engineering and the exchange of sports programs brochure addressed . In 1992 the Duna TV began to broadcast only in Hungarian worldwide. Initially, the cross-border Hungarians did your show, now two channels via satellite all over the world caught.

At the regional level , this type of cooperation is in its infancy . The first initiative was launched in 2004 but soon abandoned the lack of resources . This brought the Austrian , Slovenian, Croatian and Hungarian television , magazine programs were designed to joint manufacturing outside the hírcserén . Subsequent initiatives in support of European Union INTERREG (cross -border ) program implemented. The latest such initiative Pons Danubii EGTC what 9 villages in Hungary and Slovakia, founded in 2010. They cooperate with the media outside several other areas , individual projects are also financed by the EU Interreg tenders.

The existence of funding sources such initiatives with an advantage , but not necessary . Minimal cost to broadcasters of information exchange and exchange programs are feasible, and very high added value to the local and regional television. Within the EU, the borders have been opened , but the two sides of the border settlements as if they were adjacent. This mindset should be changed , forming a bridge between the settlements , which is a different way of getting to know one of the best mediator and television.

Of course , the larger the project , the broader framework of cooperation , the more viable for such an initiative . If the program is complemented by the media as well as a common event , the news can also be reported to the initiative of great value in addition to other beneficial effects of awareness-raising events , there is a common region .

Timis County operates three regional television coverage of the entire county , Csongrád 11 urban local television, that is, the supply is very large in the region. The concept of cross-border television building on the existing channels of co- operation , but also to start new taxes . The exchange program or joint production of magazine programs are extremely cost-effective way to reach the small channels broadcasting their offerings and thereby increase their look .

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