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Fund Raising : "Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs , they can . "

This study can help , we examine how we can use modern energy sources at the local level , and how to serve them in our daily lives is becoming broader and more sophisticated needs. All we want to analyze with it that is technically , technologically optimum bring it to the least possible damage caused to the environment. Thus, not a maximum , but the optimum.

Also in terms of geographical location it is clear that the issue of environmental protection should be a priority - this project target area - the Sand Ridge . Nevertheless, the central concrete action , real results, we are still very much lacking . The alternative energy use in Hungary has not been much progress in recent years. The hot water supply, heating , or in respect of only - just show the alternative, but other areas can be detected only trace amounts of progress . By contrast, in Germany, Austria experienced a spectacular development of renewable energy , and the most significant reason for this is that the governments there to support it financially . As a result, there has been a real option has also become possible for such households . by the day, locally generated electricity fed back to the electric utility system. We prefer only the communication appears to support , in the form of real and finances have not been clearly cheerful image . The big energy producers , service providers of all levels of government is also committed to alternative energy production and use patterns do not spread too much. It makes sense to have captured and dominated not want to give space to those who are considering alternative ways smaller independent systems in the market.
There are, however , geographically definable areas of the country where the energies of the traditional wired network access is not available today can not or do not, or can only provide a very high price . You can no longer worth it to build a large network of providers , the development of fixed-line infrastructure is expensive to maintain so not worth it even if the total cost of deployment can pass on as clients .
The Southern Great Plain Bacs -Kiskun Csongrad county and sandy areas today approximately 84,000 people living in large cities , scattered farm in the world . These people are geographical , regional handicaps , paying close to nature , farm rat , which has been generating significant social and socio- economic disadvantages. If we add living in the county sandy areas of 16,000 people , you can see that the Danube and Tisza rivers must be some kind of show the way , to find a solution to implement the twenty-first century feel , not disadvantaged as second class citizens have to spend the rest of their lives , about 100,000 farm of only because of economic or social condition were given the option of their choice or living as farm residents .

In addition to the demands of the geographical disadvantages of our children felt a responsibility to challenge the conscious , " adult " thinking people to take seriously scientists obvious signs of distress , the results of climate research , the likely consequences of global climate change.
Global solutions for individuals find it difficult to think about , it can be even harder for these , but specific answers can be given , and should be .
The following study attempts can be this kind of response , is all about the individual, the family , one of his biggest decision of the planning and creation , as well as the existing home of the home of the operation of how you think about what options - a little differently.
Specifically, we will try and avoid all sorts of exaggerations presented for each alternative procedures and methods . Very important aspect is the alternative technologies, and in addition to the environmental consciousness which return data can be expected - because society is still very sensitive to price, even for a long time can not be the only consideration environmental usefulness of the investment package should be the data recovery , economic indicators too.

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