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Service Plans - Telemedicine

The European Union's vision of health care received a significant place in the free movement of labor in the terminal , in the territory of an independent union possible care. The location-independent board is the compliance with patient data access regardless of location .
Current information and communication technologies for remote data access daily routine in many areas of the economy . For there is no question that can not be read in the same premises of a company in one country generated and stored data locations in a country other than that in the next room .
In health care, remote access to medical data in Hungary raises a number of issues still up .

Today, Hungary is one of the most serious problem is the lack of health care finance system . A challenging task on how to slow the increase in health spending of access, without deterioration in the efficiency and safety. Such a strategy is found in telemedicine , where health care providers information and communication technologies are used to supply health services to patients who live far away or have limited access to specialized care .
Telemedicine is used for example for patients with heart disease or diabetes monitoring and management through the transfer of health parameters. In the field of dermatology videoconferencing and file transfer makes possible the long-distance consultations with experts , more quickly available for diagnosis and treatment , but does not incur travel costs for patients and their families . Although telemedicine programs in the developed economies rapidly expand the use of telemedicine in less developed countries , particularly in less favorable terms of transport in rural and farm areas has enormous potential for health care and access to technology increasing , with local doctors for knowledge transfer in improving and health care more affordable entry in the general population.

The telemedicine programs may be diverse , the field , the target , the location, etc. . different depending on the application and have objectives , as regards its output is different.
In Hungary and Romania as well as speaking to IT , ICT development in the health sector is also present in an intensified manner is increasingly becoming an integral part of the services . Today, it is difficult to imagine a cure , or even of the system operation without proper records and computer equipment , but the more advanced diagnostic tools can be considered a bit of exaggeration IT céleszközöknek .
Telemedicine programs are installed using information technology and telecommunications links between operators away in time / space , and provide health services through this .
The health care delivery of this innovative approach has been expanding for several years, and has penetrated more specialized areas such as . cardiology, dermatology , internal medicine .

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