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E-city model

It can be said that it is now available almost everywhere in some technical and Internet bandwidth . However, as the bandwidth of stepping up the ladder , the lower rate will be in scope . This phenomenon from the demand-side weaknesses quite uneven development of the service a lot of reasons . Domestic Broadband Development Concept , according to high-speed Internet coverage is the main limitation of the home area network (that is the backbone of the local, municipal networks linking ) to search for underdeveloped infrastructure .

The coverage is too surprisingly well " exams " in the domestic alternatives and not the incumbent linked optic technology, quality parameters , as well as broadband prices , which have been justified by the demand-side weaknesses have long since you do not have Internet subscription price of look for.
Csongrád telecommunications situation concluded that the main supply indicators are around the national average , but very uneven spatial distribution. Densely populated areas and institutional Szeged and Hódmezövásárhely is already compatible with the European average telecom penetration is available in smaller communities , however, are far below the indicators of supply and the Hungarian average . It should be carried out for major improvements to catch up with the United States average . Broadband Internet in European Union directives with reality , however, the whole county wide range of improvements are needed .


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